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The Pine View Buildings

We know it can be confusing when you're looking for your next storage shed, garage, or playhouse. We're here to make it as simple as possible.

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    Select Your Product Line

    Pine View Buildings offers 3 product lines including Select, Performance, and Premier in 4 styles: Lofted, Lofted High Wall, Utility High Wall, and Utility Low Wall. Each building can be further customized with our diverse package offerings as well as add-on options such as windows, doors, and shelves.

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    Select Your Style

    Lofted Style

    Our lofted option has a barn-style roof and provides additional storage space to store your things above in the loft. This style includes up to 16ft. of loft at no additional cost. This style is available at the standard 6' wall height, with the option to upgrade to the 89" studs by selecting the high wall option.

    Utility Style

    Our utility style is often referred to as the A-frame and comes standard with 6' walls and the option to upgrade to walls with 89" studs that provide extra height on the inside of your building to allow extra room for storing larger items.

    • Deciding Style Lofted

      Lofted Style

    • Deciding Style Utility

      Utility Style

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    Select Your Size

    We offer a variety of sizes to fit any need. When considering the building size that will work best for you, take into account the available space, allowing sufficient clearance on all sides and adequate area for doors to fully open. Also consider the contents you'll want to store in the building. Our sizes vary from 8x8 to 14x40 in widths of 8, 10, 12, and 14. Our lengths are offered in 4-foot increments from 8' up to 40' in length.


    Pine View offers a variety of size options

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    Select Your Options

    For each of our buildings we offer a variety of options allowing you to customize your building to suit your specific needs. Once you have selected your product line, style, and size be sure to browse our available options to ensure your building is exactly the way you want it.

    • Blue


    • Bright White

      Bright White

    • Brown


    • Burgundy


    • Burnished Slate

      Burnished Slate

    • Charcoal


    • Clay


    • Crimson Red

      Crimson Red

    • Evergreen


    • Gallery Blue

      Gallery Blue

    • Galvalume


    • Gray


    A selection of our roof color options

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    Select Any Building Upgrades

    Finally, we offer a range of building upgrades to ensure your building will stand up to your specific needs. These upgrades include increased structural members, custom colors, upgraded metal, and even metal wall insulation.

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Need to Know About Receiving Your Building?

Receiving Your Building
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    Visit Your Local Dealer

    To see Pine View's quality in person and continue the buying process, visit your local dealer. There you can either select a building off the lot or place a customized order. When you're ready to purchase, you'll have the option to pay in full or take advantage of our Rent-To-Own offering. Once your order is placed, allow 3-10 business days for delivery of in-stock inventory and up to 14-20 business days for custom orders. Your driver will contact you to schedule a specific delivery time.

    The Communication Process

    After the sale, your local delivery driver will call you within several days to schedule delivery. In the interim between sale and delivery, please contact only your delivery driver with any questions.

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    Preparing For Delivery

    Identify a flat and level spot in your yard where you would like the building to sit. A concrete or gravel pad that the building can sit on is preferable. Our labor for setting up the building is included, with the option of having you provide your own blocks, or buying them off of the driver for $2 per block. If providing your own, please plan to have an assortment of 2", 4", and 8-inch blocks.

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    The Delivery Method

    When the driver arrives, he will set the building on the pad that you have prepared and/or level the building with blocks as needed. Please plan to be on-site for your building delivery to indicate where the building should be located and to sign the necessary paperwork. 

  • Driver Delivering Storagebuilding
    Your building will arrive loaded on a delivery rig, ready to be loaded onto the site you have selected.
  • Delivery Method3
    If the trailer cannot access the delivery site, we utilize a machine called "the mule" to carry the building to its location.
  • Driver Loading Duratempshed
    The driver will then drop the building on the pad you have prepared and/or level the building using blocks.

Need to Know About Choosing Your Next Product?

Choosing Your Product

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