Deluxe Porch


Enjoy the view of your backyard from the spacious front porch of the Deluxe Porch Package. Often referred to as a "tiny house," this barn features numerous windows and a refined look that creates the perfect blend of utility and beauty.

Standard Features

  • • 5 2x3' Windows
  • • Double Doors
  • • 1 9-Lite Door
  • • Large Porch with Railing


Peruse our wide variety of Series options to explore traditional and innovative building materials to bring your ideal storage building to life.

Leon Helmuth Dura Shed Deluxe Playhouse
Dura Temp Deluxe Playhouse
Dutch Lap Deluxe Playhouse
Metal Lofted Deluxe Playhouse
Leon Helmuth Treated Deluxe Playhouse

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You'll find no better combination of craftsmanship and affordability - guaranteed.

Package Price:

*Price incremental to selected Series model.

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